Everything happens for a reason…

Ah that classic old line for pseudo-thinkers and the philosophical youth. I’m not mad at it; it’s a step in the right mindset, in my opinion. A simplistic approach to often much more complicated situations can lead one to acceptance. Making sense of the moments they live.

As I wake up to my alarm, in the form of heat being emitted from the sun, my senses are tingling. I stretch, in a bed that is not mine, and suddenly relocate myself. I’m in Brooklyn. ‘For no reason’ other than it’s where I felt I needed to be.



So you do realize everybody’s got em right?

In the world we live in, from the beginning of time, insecurities existed. We may not have necessarily been able to quantify or explain them, with language developing through the years, but do you honestly think our caveman ancestors weren’t stressed out? Not knowing when their next meals are? Which predator is out to get them? What the fuck was that noise they heard?! Survival of the fittest. Survival of the most paranoid.