APT6 Shorts – Episode 1 with GRANDBUDA

I’m seriously excited to be releasing this interview with GrandBuda. Luis came through to record Episode 32 of Apartment 6, with the presence of my trusty sidekick Matt, and we decided that if we were to release this new project, APT6 Shorts, then who better than BUBU?! I hope you all enjoy it, as it gives you a brief insight on who GrandBuda is, and what he stands for. If you like it, share it. And if you really dug GrandBuda, then check out Episode 32 of Apartment 6 to hear us chat it up for 2 hours.

Much love to everybody who’s supported me and this movement for the last year, there’s so much more t come. T’es pas prêt.

Watch the interview on YouTube :