Episode 20 – Running Solo aka Episode 21

Episode 20 – Running Solo aka Episode 21


Why Episode 21? Well that’s because I saw a folder named Episode 20, and assumed I had reached the 21st. In reality, this is episode 20 but that doesn’t change anything aside from my little mention on the meaning of episode 21. Whatever.

So I decided to record a little solo episode, see how it feels to not feed off of anybody else’s energy and see how I can build from my own. Couple of hiccups here and there, couple of moments where my ADD kicked in, but all in all, I enjoyed the process and will be doing more of these in the future. Hoping I get more questions and messages from my friends and listeners for the next ones.

Much love, enjoy! I’ll be back shortly with yet another episode, this time with 2 of my closest friends in the world. Let’s get it.