Episode 34 – Life and Hip Hop with HHHConU

Episode 34 – Life and Hip Hop with HHHConU


Mags and Lolo are back on the Apartment 6 couch and they brought with them Jasmine, of HHK Fame and the President behind HHHConU – Hip Hop Heads Concordia University, a Hip Hop club aimed at gathering young talented and interested minds, through their love of Hip Hop and music in general. These ladies are promoting their Cypher Brew event, taking place on April 12 @ Hip Hop Café (4801 Ave. Du Parc) and working hard towards getting their name out. Listen to this episode to get to know them, their mission and their awesomeness. Loved recording this episode with them, and I’m 100% behind their club and mission. Get to know them.

Shouts to Matt for all of the video and audio work on this episode.

Listen to the episode right here :

[audio http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/apartment6/~3/0DS8YrGNfA0/apt6060414.mp3 ]

Follow HHHConU and their members below :







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