Episode 33 – Back to the Future with Leah McFly

Episode 33 – Back to the Future with Leah McFly


We’re gonna take a little trip back in time. Leah McFly, dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, sat on the Apartment 6 couch for the first time to have a chat with Boih. Just weeks before heading out to Europe and then teach dance to kids in China for the next 6 months, Leah and Boih got to learn more about where they came from, and where they’re heading. Life is a beautiful mystery that unveils incredible potential in wonderful people. Leah is one of these wonders. I’m grateful we got to meet, connect and build; I’m looking forward to her coming back so that we get an update on how this whole experience was. Do your thing mama, you’re the McFlyest.

Listen to the episode right here :

[audio http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/apartment6/~3/M2D1YBOqPWI/apt6060214.mp3 ]

Watch the whole episode on YouTube :

Follow Leah McFly and her work right here :





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