Episode 31 – CHEERS with Microskillz, ST, Jay Dot and .nox

Episode 31 – CHEERS with Microskillz, ST, Jay Dot and .nox


Ha. First off, sorry for the delay on this post; no excuses, I completely forgot that this was saved as a ‘Draft’ and never got around to post it.

But let this serve you as a lesson! If you had Subscribed to the iTunes or Feedburner RSS Feed, you would’ve automatically downloaded this episode the moment it was posted! Hmmph.

Alright, now back to business.

On December 31st, I had the chance to sit down with a few great friends – some I made in 2013, and some that I’ve known for a decade. Microskillz from Episode 2, ST from Episode 13, Jay Dot (long-time brother) and for his first of many appearances to come, .nox came through to put an end to enjoy the last day of the year, share stories, mind states and have a couple of drinks in the name of togetherness.

We never know what the Universe exactly has in store for us, but if I know one thing, is that there’s a common thread that bound us all together. We have all, at some point over the last few years, set out the intention to meet like-minded individuals with whom we can discuss, build, laugh and cry together. Share opinions and ideas, visions and hopes for ourselves, humankind and society as a whole. These are the builders I’ve had the opportunity to share my time with, all of them bringing rocks to be added to the foundation of Me. And I hope I’ve done, and will continue to do the same for them.

Thank you to all 32 guests that have graciously accepted my invitation to the Apartment 6 couch. Thank you to the 20+ that sat with me over the weekend of the Pop-Up Shop 4.0 back in June. Thank you to every single one of you at home for sitting through all 61 hours and 58 seconds of my babbling. Thank you for taking part of this journey with me and sharing my vision, and yours, through this last year.

2014 is going to be a beautiful one, and I’d invite all of you to stick around…it’s only going to get better.

Much Love.

Listen to the episode here:

[audio http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/apartment6/~3/90C9RPLft90/apt6311213.mp3 ]

Or watch the Ustream recordings right here on Youtube :

Annnnddd all the links to find these dudes online.






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