Episode 26 – Nutellove with Annick MF Gold

Episode 26 – Nutellove with Annick aka MF Gold

Seriously, today was a blessing. I got to not only meet, but connect on a personal level with one of the city’s young talented minds. Annick, or MF Gold, currently working on her ‘Without Industry’ documentary covering the current state of the Montreal urban scene, joined me on the Apartment 6 couch. See, Annick and I had never met or even had an online conversation before this episode – yet, I knew that we would get each other. So we did what any normal, young, dreamer and artistic young adults do, and we bonded over Nutella. She’s a seriously dope person, and I invite you to check out the links below. Annick has a great project on the way, and a beautiful vision of what’s possible for the urban arts industry in the city of Montreal.

Shout out to Annick. Do you boo.

We had some power outages throughout the recording of this episode, so don’t be surprised if the conversation just randomly ends.

Listen to the episode here:
[audio http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/apartment6/~3/N5riUgJn_nE/apt6011113.mp3 ]

Or watch the Ustream videos (in 3 parts) right here:


Follow Annick’s work right here :





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