Episode 22 – It’s a Mad, Mad World with Dr. Mad

Episode 22 – It’s a Mad, Mad World with Dr. Mad


Wooh. Dr. Mad joined me on the couch a week ago, and I’m seriously grateful. See, I met Mahdi early 2013 and understood that this kid is something special right away. Once i learned that he’s only 22, I was taken aback. He stands tall, talks with poise and masters his environment. Intelligent, talented and sincere, I couldn’t wait to have a sit down conversation with him.

And to be perfectly honest, the conversation we shared off-mics will be remembered fondly in my mind. I’m grateful to have met this young man and getting to know him. People like Mahdi give me great hope in the future of our civilization.

Talented producer, rapper, activist, believer, dreamer. Get to know him.

Listen to the episode right here :

Also, the bonus song at the end is called ‘Bomb Diggity’ and is available below :

Dr. Mad’s Facebook Page


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