Episode 21 – Family Reunion with STK (Rhum & Jay)

Episode 21 – Family Reunion with STK (Sophyrum & Jay)


I’ve been waiting for this night since I started doing the podcast. My brothers in arms, Sophyrum Mang & Jay Dot, both join me on this beautiful Wednesday night to hang, talk and reminisce about our past as Souly Track, which eventually became STK.

We’ve been through a lot, good and hard times. And every time we get together, THIS is what happens. Laughter, coughing, and a whole lotta love.

Check out the guys online, follow them, listen to their music and hit em up if you need some vocals, beats, or studio time. Hard workers and talented individuals who both make me extremely proud to have in my life.

Big love to my monkeys.

P.S. Little surprise at the end. The song playing is called Vibin‘ by Souly Track (now STK) from 2005ish. Enjoy.

Listen to the episode right here :
[audio http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/apartment6/~3/M_UQiYaxMLI/apt6220813.mp3 ]




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