Episode 15 – Zen Scene with Saine Scene [MusVic & Haja]

Episode 15 – Zen Scene with Saine Scene [MusVic & Haja]


I knew I would like these two fascinating young men the moment I met them.

Two promoters, entrepreneurs and artists, Vic & Haja have a lot to talk about, and are absolutely comfortable in this setting, my living room, allowing us to completely forget the presence of microphones. And the afternoon was a thing of beauty.

This was our shortest episode to date, so it comes to no surprise that this will be considered Part 1 of my Saine Scene conversations. The boys will be coming back sooner than later to pick up where we left off.

Check out the episode right here and follow up with Saine Scene’s work below.

The song at the end ‘Hull Good‘ by MusVic is available for download on his soundcloud page below.





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