Episode 14 – Comfort Zones with J.u.D.

Episode 14 – Comfort Zones with J.u.D.


Jude Experience. Fitting name. La vie est un jeu d’experience, and Jude is a young man who quickly figured that part out.

This was my first real meeting with Jude, considering that we’ve crossed paths online and off, but to sit down and have a conversation with him showed me a side of him I had no idea about.

Generally reserved yet outspoken, this talented producer and graphic designer spent the day with Jay and I, talking about absolutely anything and it made for a fun episode. I personally can’t wait till his next visit to Apartment 6.

Check out the episode right here and follow up with J.u.D’s work below.

The song at the end ‘Big Booty‘ is available for download on J.u.D.’s soundcloud page below.





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