Episode 13 – Inside The Circle with ST & Liam

Episode 13 – Inside The Circle with ST x Liam

This is ST’s 2nd visit to the Apartment 6 couch. First time around, we got blazed, ate some ‘pâté chinois’ (Shepherd’s Pie) and recorded an episode of Apt6 that will never see the light of day due to technical difficulties. On that episode, he announced that he and Liam (his producer and brother in arms) were releasing their new EP on May 5th, and having the launch party on the same night as they open for Slum Village.

So I made sure that this time, not only does he bring Liam but we 1) couldn’t get too high and 2) needed to make sure this episode was actually recorded and saved. Even if we got distracted by the Habs/Sens game at certain moments.

Check out the episode right here and follow up with ST x Liam’s work below.

OH. And make sure you listen till the end: ST x LIAM graced us with an exclusive from their new EP, called ‘Realness’. It’s real dope. Peep it.





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